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  • High heat conductivity potting glue
  • High heat conductivity potting glue
  • High heat conductivity potting glue
  • High heat conductivity potting glue
High heat conductivity potting glue
Name:High heat conductivity potting glue
 The thermally conductive material is a potting, which is a silicone material, composed of AB dual fluid, which is fully mixed with a weight ratio 1: 1, which is solidified into an elastic solid, thermally conductive coefficient 1.5 w / m • K, except for high heat transfer In addition to the heat of the electrical appliance, it also plays the role of waterproof and moisture resistance, heat dissipation, insulation protection.
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This pilling is a thermally conductive thermally conductive dielectric silicon material, or a quick fixation. Designed for an electronic electrical product having a very large amount of heat dissipation after potting rear protection, it consists of A and B two-component liquid. After sufficiently mixing at 1: 1 weight, the mixed liquid can be cured as an elastomer, and the material is not Obvious contraction and fever, the solidified colloid has excellent physical and electrical properties of silicone materials.

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Performance characteristics

● High heat transfer, thermal conductivity is 1.5 w / m · k;

● Low viscosity, as low as 4600 mPa · s, good fluidity, good fill, and faster bubbles after pnery;

● Excellent flame retardation performance, reaching V0 level;

● Elastomer, good anti-shock impact and deformation ability;

● -50 ° C ~ 200 ° C can maintain stable physical mechanical properties for a long time,

● With blanking, the components after potting can be repaired and replaced;

● Curing, heating to 85 ° C, can be completely solidified, and improve work efficiency is improved.

Typical use typical application

For more power supplies, such as fast charge, large watts.

technical parameter

state status

Test items


parameter parametric

Remark remark

Before curing


grey gray pessimistic

A component

White white

B component


25oC, MPA S

4500 ± 1000

A component

4800 ± 1000

B component



2.40 ± 0.2

A component

2.40 ± 0.2

B component

The mixing ratio

1: 1

Operating time

25ºC RH 50%, min

Curing time

25ºC RH 50%, HR


After curing


grey gray pessimistic

After mixing


Shore A

35 ± 5

Thermal Conductivity


Dielectric constant


3.0 ~ 3.3

Dielectric strength


Volume resistance

(DC500V), O. CM

1.0 × 1014



The product is provided in two-component form, producing a small amount of precipitation during transportation and storage, should be pre-stirred before use. After a component is thoroughly mixed with B components, gently agitate to reduce the amount of air mixed. Vacuum sputum treatment before perfusion can reach the most ideal rolled state.


2. Applicable period / operation time

The curing reaction starts at the beginning of the mixing process. The initial curing phenomenon is gradually increased, and then the gel is started, and then transformed into an elastomer. The definition of the applicable period is that the viscosity increases to the original twice as component A and B (mains and curing agents).


3. Processing and Curing

After the product is fully mixed, it can be directly injected / dispensing to a component that requires curing, and the components should be vacuum-deprived after using the product pot. The product can be cured either at room temperature (25 ° C) or heated.


4. Temperature range available

For most applications, the product can be used in a temperature range of -50 to 200 ° C.


5. Compatibility

In some cases, this product will not be able to achieve the most desirable curing effect when contacting some plastic or rubber, and the surface of the solvent is cleaned or baked with a slight baked above the curing temperature can be resolved.

Some chemicals can inhibit curing, and the following materials should pay special attention: an organic substance containing N, P, S, and an ionic compound containing Sn, Pb, Hg, Bi, AS or the like; compounds containin enhance the adhesion, combining the repaired materials with existing pottings.


7. Operational precautions

1.a, b Components must be stirred after 2-5 minutes after opening the original package, avoiding the effects of product effects due to the layered precipitation caused during transportation and storage.

2. When mixing, consolidate agitation, especially the stirring;


(5) Storage and validity period

When there is no open seal below 25 ° C, the product from the date of production is 6 months. If it is overdue, it can be used normally after test inspection.


(6) Packaging specifications:

25kg / barrel;

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