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Thermal Grease
Name:Thermal Grease
 The thermally conductive silicone is also known as a tipped paste, a silicone composite material, is an interface thermally conductive material. The thermal conductivity of this product is 1.5 w / m • K, applied to the back of the heat sink, allowing the heat of the power device to quickly transfer to the heat sink, and then release heat through the heat sink.
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(1) Product introduction

The thermally conductive silicone is a paste silicone complex, as an interface material that transmits a heat, both of which has excellent electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity. High and low temperature, long-term working in the temperature range of -50 ° C ~ 200 ° C does not have air-dried hardening or melting, suitable for heat dissipation coating of electrical / electronic products, easy to use.

If you still have questions if you read it, please click the QR code into the shake number to find the small video of the thermally conductive silicone, and can see the entire picture of this product.


(2) Typical use

 Computer processor CPU

 Chip and chipset

 LED lighting

 Graphics GPU

 Power and UPS

 LCD and PDP tablet display

 Mass storage equipment

 Other heat dissipation modules

(3) Technical parameters

Test items


parameter parametric

Remark remark

Exterior exterior

White white



2.8 ± 0.1

Thermal Conductivity


2.0 ± 0.1

Thermal impedance

25ºC, ºC-IN2 / W


150 ºC24H

Analyze oil

150 ºC24H

Volume resistance

(DC500V), O. CM

1.0 × 1014



350 ± 10

Operating temperature



(4) Operation method

Coping this product is directly squeezed to the surface of the substrate, paying attention to the construction surface should be uniform, as long as the thin layer is applied. When two layers of substrates are fitted, it should be ensured that the gap between the two-layer substrate can be fully filled with this product, and there is no air and gap.

(5) Curing process and time

This product is non-cured state

(6) Storage and validity

Store in a cool dry place, the laminated period from the date of production is 6 months, in the past, can be used normally after testing.

(7) Packaging specifications:

1 kg / can, 10 kg / barrel;


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