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Accelerate the development of replacement of imported adhesives

Company news| 2022-03-11| Deemno|

In the escalation of global trade protectionism, Western countries led by the United States continue to provoke trade disputes with my country. At the same time, COVID-19 is raging around the world, which further exacerbates the smoothness of international trade. Important materials led by IC are out of stock and price increases. Although the adhesive industry in which our company is located is not like "crazy IC", but also under the superposition of the above two factors, some use imported silicone gel, RTV electronic bonding silicone, high thermal conductivity potting glue, High thermal conductivity silicone grease, imported conformal paint and other high-grade adhesives are also greatly affected. Momentive, Dow Corning, Loctite, Henkel have adjusted their prices one after another, and the delivery time is getting longer and longer, which makes exporting domestic manufacturers miserable Word. Under this background, after the company's high-level discussion and decision, the company set up a special R&D department to focus on alternative products, and the company's resources were tilted towards the department of alternative imported products, for the future of the company and the future of new domestic materials. Seize this historical opportunity to solve the problems of high price and long delivery time for the majority of domestic customers. This is another far-sighted strategic layout of Dimonron's development so far. It is a major positive news for all business personnel of the company. Let us work together and move forward with all our strength. Dimenglong's main business: electronic silicone gel, high thermal conductivity potting compound, thermal conductive silicone grease, thermal conductive gasket, conformal paint, etc., enter the market with customization, and become a caring adhesive steward for customers with inspiration, so that customers can feel at ease and save money. Heart, rest assured.
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