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  • Polyurethane Impulse glue
  • Polyurethane Impulse glue
  • Polyurethane Impulse glue
Polyurethane Impulse glue
Name:Polyurethane Impulse glue
 This pot is a polyurethane composite material, low viscosity, good venting effect, excellent adhesion, high level of IP67, thermal conductivity, flame retardant level can reach UL94-V0 and other characteristics. With insulation, dust, anti-mildew, leak-proof, anti-electricity, corrosion, anti-salt mist, antide and alkali, and anti-aging.
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 (1) Product Overview:

This product is a two-component cast elastomer consisting of A and B two-component liquid. Designed for potting and protection of electronic products under stringent conditions. When the two components are mixed with 4: 1 weight, the mixed liquid is cured as an elastomer, and the shrinkage is small when cured. The colloid after curing has the advantages of excellent electrical properties, cold and cold cycles.


(2) Features:

● Low viscosity, good fluidity, quickly full of narrow gaps

● Foaming is good, quickly discharge bubbles

● Basically no contraction when curing

● Good material compatibility

● Excellent waterproof performance, protection level can reach IP67

● Cold cycle does not crack

If you still have questions after you pass through the end, please click the two-dimensional code to enter the shake number to find the small video of the IP67 potty, can see the full picture of the silicone gel.


(3) Technical performance

General performance:

Test items


A component

B component

Exterior exterior


Normal color viscous body

Yellow brown liquid


MPA · S (25 ° C)

Deth density


1.50 ± 0.10

1.10 ± 0.10

Operation process:


Unit or condition

Numerical value

The mixing ratio

weight ratio

4: 1

Operating time

Min / 25 ℃ (100g)

\\u003e 10

Curing time


twenty four


Mixed colors

Visual inspection

cream color

The ratio of the two components of A and B, stir mix well, vacuum removal of bubbles, poured on the operation period, such as the potting product, and it is recommended to score.

Typical performance:



Numerical value


Shore A

90 ± 5

Thermal Conductivity


Dielectric strength


\\u003e 20

temperature range

° C

-40 ~ 100

Volume resistivity

(DC500V) Oh; CM3

1.0 × 1013


(4) How to use:


The product is provided in a two-component form to mix the A component with the B component with a predetermined weight ratio. After a component is thoroughly mixed with B components, gently agitate to reduce the amount of air mixed. The mixture was allowed to stand for 5 minutes before perfusion, which facilitates the removal of the air mixed during mixing. If there is still a bubble, a vacuum sprinkler is required. Considering the expansion of the material, the volume of the deadstown container should be at least 4 times the volume of the liquid volume. The air bubble containing the mixture can be removed by vacuum deproduction treatment of 28 to 30 inch mercury. Continue to evacuate until the liquid expands to the original volume, and the bubbles are all eliminated. This process takes 5 minutes to 10 minutes, which mainly depends on the amount of air brought to the stirring. In order to achieve the best curing effect, a glassware and glass or metal mixing equipment are required. Try to keep steady when stirring to prevent excess air.

2. Applicable period / operation time

The curing reaction starts at the beginning of the mixing process. The initial curing phenomenon is gradually increased, and then the gel is started, and then transformed into an elastomer. The definition of the applicable period is that the viscosity increases to the original twice as component A and B (mains and curing agents).



3 operation considerations

1. Since the component A is placed in a layered or settled phenomenon, the A agent is fully stirred even when used, preferably while stirring while heating.

2, according to the ratio, and accurate weigh, A, B agent is mixed after mixing, to avoid curing incomplete.

3, after stirring is uniform, please in time, a, A, and B agent contact will chemically react, the viscosity is increased, so the mixture should be used within the shortest time. Pay attention to control the amount of mating glue, the more the amount of mixture, the amount of reactive heat acceleration reaction, which will accumulate, shorten its usable time.

4. During the curing process, keep the environment clean, so as to avoid impurities or dust fall into the surface of the uncured collactation affects the appearance of the surface of the product.

5. Since this product can react with moisture in the air, the polyurethane A and B are needed to store, isolate moisture, opening and unused products, need to be sealed again in a cool dry place.

6. The creature B component is easily reacted with the alcohol substance, so the B component should be kept away from alcohol (eg alcohol, water, epoxy resin B components, etc.).

7, potting equipment should contain air dehumidification filtration devices to protect A and B components do not moisture.

V. Storage and Shelf life

Products in unopened sealed states are 6 months in a cool drying environment (calculated in the production date on the product).

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