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What is the circuit board shaped?

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We often see a thin layer of glue on the patch electronics and the board to achieve insulation, waterproof moisture, anti-acid and alkali, anti-salt fog, this coating hydrolysis is naturally leveling, The appearance looks nice, and the stickiness is strong, the elastomer can function to fix the earthquake resistance, as shown below


Today, Telling Jiao Jun simply said that thisCircuit board shackleWhat is it? This elastomeric line plate shaped rubber isRtvElectronic coating, also known as a single component silicone rubber, no other auxiliary means, natural room temperature curing, convenient. The component fixed silica gel (as shown below) is very rare, the extrusion is very good, and it is relatively thin. After playing, it can be naturally spread, form a thin layer of elastomer.RtvEliminate film, superior insulation, moisture-proof, leak-proof, shockproof, dust, corrosion, anti-aging, and high-resistance and other performance.


Can't flow, form a sharp corner

Di Menglong Technology is committed to solving the globial problem. In the adhesive industry sediment more than ten years. In recent years, the silicone route has begun to create an excellent brand in custom silicone fields, production bonding, sealing, potting, heat dissipation, and shaping. Adhesive, such asRtvElectronic bonded silica gel,Electronic silicon gel, High-conducting fever, heat-conducting silica clay, no niomble stickers, etc.

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Electronic accessories solution
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