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Precautions highlights when using UV glue

Quick-drying| 2022-04-10| Deemno|

1. In accordance with the UV glue TDS guidance, purchase the corresponding wavelength UV lamp, the wavelength is not suitable, can cause non-curing or curing incomplete, if the wavelength is ambiguous, it is recommended to use high-pressure mercury lamps.

2, there is a must be transparent and clean, dry and dust, dust.

3. Apply UV glue on one of the surfaces to closely close the two planes, and use high-pressure mercury lamps with ultraviolet lamps or illumination with suitable wavelengths (usually 365 nm-400 nm) and energy. It is confirmed that the light can indeed permeate to the bonded portion.

4. It is recommended to use the UV lamp to illuminate about 6s, when positioning, remove the residual glue and re-illuminate the product to completely curing, and it is difficult to clean up after solidification.

5, the curing time should be different depending on the different prepared materials, glue, and ultraviolet strength. It is recommended that the user will purchase an ultraviolet intensity tester and bonded before the light intensity test to reduce waste rate.

6. Do not apply force to extrusion and repeatedly friction, it is recommended to use a fixing tool.

7, temperature has a little effect on the activity of glue, and the temperature is low when the temperature is low.

8. In particular, it is to note that when using UV adhesive plastic material, the content of the ultraviolet absorber in plastic should be considered, and the content of the highly high influence of the ultraviolet line will also be obvious. The impact, it will cause glue from being cured when severe.



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