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Classification and characteristics of structural glue

Structure| 2022-04-10| Deemno|

There are many kinds of structural glue, according to the industry with electronic structural adhesive, building structural adhesive, home structure glue, etc. It is often used in the classification of structural rubber of the electronics industry, which is commonly used, epoxy material and acrylic acid.

Epoxy structure glue

Epoxy structural glue is a solvent-free, there is AB dual fluid composition, often used for double tube packaging, and can be used after mixing with mixing tubes, which can be used in temperature or heating. After curing, the layer can withstand the impact and vibration of the strong, and then the layer has good mechanical properties, good electrical insulation, and can withstand the temperature change and the flexion tear stress. No corrosive, metal, ceramics, vulcanized rubber, glass fiber formulation, and carbon fiber finished products, etc., have good adhesion. Temperature and oil resistance. The epoxy structure is cured at room temperature without heating or pressure, however, heating can accelerate its curing. No volatile production during curing. Usually in the adhesive seam, the thick layer of about 0.8 mm is sufficiently bonded.

2. Acrylate structure

The acrylate structure is also composed of AB dual fluid, which is divided into a structurate composed of acrylate and modified curing agents, and the packaging form is also a double tube. High temperature, high strength, excellent acid base, water, oil medium, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, strong adhesive strength between metal articles, strong impact strength than epoxy resin, cold and cold Excellent, working in -30 to 150 ° C, the temperature range is also higher than the epoxy structure.

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