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Advantages of three use methods of three anti-paint

Three-proof| 2022-04-10| Deemno|

1: Brush: Brush is a soft brush to be stained with three anti-paint directly on the board, and the most common, it is also the cheapest way, can produce excellent coating effect on smooth surface. . Mainly used in small volume products, coating or repair of coating layers. Brush is used for low volume production or repair. The disadvantage is that the efficiency is relatively low, and the waste is in the middle of spraying and dip coating.

2, dip coating: The circuit board is immersed in three anti-paint, then removed, drilled off excess coatings before curing. The advantage is that the dip coating ensures a complete film, which can be covered with 360 degrees without dead angle, and the protective effect is optimal. Not like spraying, the size limit, the size is switched at any time, especially for large-sized coating, is the fastest and efficient application, sohalation provides thoroughly comprehensively closed painting And in large-sized applications represent the lowest production cost. The disadvantage is that the thickness of the coating is subject to a variety of factors, such as the temperature, impregnation time, extraction speed, and darant time of the heating equipment. Since the three anti-paint of the dip coated is completely open exposed to air, the volatility speed is fast, and thus the viscosity increases, in order to maintain the best dip coating effect, it is necessary to dilute in a period of time, so it is necessary to use the diluent. And the most, but also a lot of coating.

3, spraying: This process is mainly through the equipment, introduces the three-ceramic-induced equipment, and sprayed on the circuit board through the pressure and spray valve. Using spray tank products can be easily applied to maintenance and small-scale production, the spray gun is suitable for large-scale production, which is a more economical way for medium-sized equipment. When the advantage is put into the equipment, the efficiency is high, and the province is artificial. A disadvantage is that the protective mold layer is easier, but the bottom of the component is difficult to apply, and thus it is necessary to re-process. The thickness of the coated is affected by the relative moving speed, material temperature, and the pressure of the spray device. Spray coating is usually used in medium mass production, high production rate, low production cost. It is a lacquered pattern whose waste is a waste.


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