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RTV adhesive glue in winter solidification, analysis

Bonding| 2022-04-10| Deemno|

The end of the discipline of our R \\u0026 D personnel is a daily machine, how do you know? Then the shift is stripped, and the real cause of the curing is slow. After customers gave affirmative reply, they also intended to emphasize that in recent days, the skin will felt! R \\u0026 D answers this is why curing delay, this RTV adhesive glue curing speed will be interfered with temperature and humidity, and the temperature and humidity in winter is low, so the temperature in winter is slower than summer, because customers use RTV bonding rubber time and Not long, lack of this experience leads, so it is recommended to humidify the humidity in the workshop, improve the humidity in the air, can alleviate this problem. After listening to the customer, then continue to ask, say another concern, the air is dry, but finally it will be done. R \\u0026 D gave affirmative reply. Communication to this, the customer has basically put down concern. Finally, I will put a question. Our company has a powerful power supply. It is the use of your high-conducting potting rubber DML2228. The difference between the rubber and RTV irrigation glue is explained to the customer. After listening to the customer, I finally completely released the time and process of our cheap processes, but also said that I would recommend our company, recommend to his friends. Due to professional restrictions and worried about unknown worried psychology, general solidification slows down, it is not dry. It is very normal. At this time, we need to explain to customers. Our company adheres to "household" intimate service, insist "Three fast one hundred" guidelines, thus get praise and favor of many customers. Through this cheap conference, business and customer service staff have benefited a lot, and professional knowledge is further improved.

Open Reason: RTV Adhesive Glue A silicone composite, it is in contact with water molecules in the air to cure into elastic silicone rubber, the more water molecules in the air, the faster the curing speed, and vice Slow, winter air is dry, there is less water molecules in the air, so the RTV adhesive adhesive is delayed.


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