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  • Flame retardant
  • Flame retardant
  • Flame retardant
Flame retardant
Name:Flame retardant

This adhesive is made of silicone composites, fast drying time, single component, open tube, easy to use. The paste, the gelatin is maintained, does not collapse, self-cuisine, and functions to fix the insulation, the case where the fixed welding foot is applied, and it will play a buffer protection. Resistance and temperature (-60 ∽220oC) excellent performance, flame retardant reaches UL94-V0 grade.

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(I. Overview:

This product is a single-component silicone rubber which uses high-end raw materials developed by high-grade raw materials. It reacts at room temperature with moisture in the air, solidifying into a high toughness elastomer. It is an excellent metal and non-metallic adhesive and fixing glue. The rubber is good with metal, glass, ceramics, plastic, etc., has good bonding, and the surrounding environment of the use occasion will not cause pollution. The colloid after curing, has excellent physical and electrical properties of silicone materials.

If you still have questions if you pass through the end, please click the two-dimensional code to find a small video of the flame retardant in the shake number, and you can see the whole picture of this product.

(B) characteristics

● Single group, easy to use, can match the equipment pipeline operation;

● Good thixotropism, extrusion speed;

● Flame retardant performance is the UL94-V0 level;

● Adhesive advantageous, good adhesion to plastics, Mara belt, PCBA, metal and ceramics, etc .;

● Elastomer, good anti-shock impact and deformation ability;

● Superior electrical properties, maintain excellent anti-dielectric strength under various harsh conditions;

● High-temperature and low temperature performance is excellent, and it still does not change, harden or crack at -60 ° C, which is not soft, degraded at high temperatures at 220 ° C.

(3) Typical use:

Dedicated to the adhesive fixation of electronic components

(4) Technical performance

Before curing parameters:

Test items


Numerical value



White white

Exterior exterior



Deth density


1.5 ± 0.1

Table time

Refers to MIN (25 ° C)

Removal parameters

Measurement project


Numerical value


Shore A

50 ~ 70

Dielectric constant

(60Hz 25℃)

Tensile Strength


Dielectric strength


\\u003e 10

Fracture elongation

\\u003e 100

Shear intensity (aluminum aluminum)


Volume resistivity

Oh; cm

≥1.2 × 1014

temperature range

° C

-60 ~ 220


(5) How to use:

Substrate preparation:

All surfaces must be cleaned, remove oil and wash off all contaminants that may affect the bonding ability, suitable cleaning solvents include: isopropanol, acetone and methylketone. In many substrates, such as glass, metal, and most engineering plastics, it can be bonded, but materials that are not good in normally bonding, such as PTFE, Polyethilic, polyproprind, PET, and others. A similar material should be treated.

2. Operation method

Extruding the gel from the packaging tube, direct dispensing to the side of the components that need to be bonded, standing for 12-24 hours at room temperature, and absorbs the trace water vapor in the air. The adhesive element cannot be moved before the colloid is completely cured.

3. Curing process and time

(1) The colloid contacts moisture in the air, and the surface of the colloid surface is subjected to a certain period of time.

(2) The colloid is gradually solidified by the surface. 25 ° C and 50% relative humidity The solidified depth of the colloid is 2-5 mm. Deep part, especially if it is not easy to get in a place where moisture is required, it takes a longer time to curing, and when the humidity is low, the curing time will extend relatively. When using or packaged, the user is best to wait for a long time to ensure that the colloid is solidified.

(3) If you need to be placed in a fully sealed narrow space, try to extend the colloid feet so that the adhesive is completely cured.

4. Compatibility

The adhesive releases trace of small molecules during curing. When in fully sealed narrow space, the electrical insulation performance may be lowered in the initial stage of dispensing, please extend the colloidal feet or increase small molecule release pathway to ensure The small molecule in the colloid is released as much as possible.


5. Storage and validity period

The product is in a cool dry place, the shelf life of the unopened original container is 6 months (calculated at the production date).

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