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Why is UV glue generally black pipe packaging?

FAQ| 2022-04-10| Deemno|

UV glue is used to curing with ultraviolet light, placed under the sun or can contact the sun light, can cause UV glue curing, if it is transferred or stored, this weak curing can cause changes in glue characteristics. In terms of ultraviolet rays, the UV gel is basically solidified, uncomfortable places, UV gel thickens, affecting normal use. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, packaging with black or other dark ophthalmic packaging tubes.

What are the precautions with UV glue?

1. The rubber site should be removed and clean.

2. Apply the rubber to the portion of the glue, irradiated with a 365 nm wavelength of ultraviolet lamp, confirming that the ultraviolet line can be permeated to the bonded portion.

3. The curing speed of this product depends on the strength of the ultraviolet rays, the distance of the high-purple light source and the rubber layer, and the depth of the desired curing.

4. After using the item, you must cover the cover immediately.

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