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What is going on with the three anti-painted surface of brush or spray?

FAQ| 2022-04-10| Deemno|


Three anti-paint often used the process is brush or spraying, and there is a case where the surface is not smooth. Generally there are two cases, one is too high, the viscosity of the three anti-paint is too high, the paint is thick, the level is relatively Poor, so it is easy to cause the paint surface being uncoiled. The temporary solution is the plus dilution, and the long-term program is to choose the pair, so the previous selection must provide professional companies, professional recommendations, if this reason is eliminated, the process problem. Brush or sprayed lacquer layer (wet film more than 150U) Do not immediately turn into the furnace, wait for 30 seconds to 60 seconds, then remove the furnace, leave enough time to make the paint level, the oven temperature is not more than 90 degrees.


What are the precautions for implementing three anti-paint operations?

1. It is recommended to perform a single room and operate a ventilation circulation.

2. Wear protective instruments such as masks or gas masks, rubber gloves, chemical protective glasses when operating, so as not to hurt the body.

3. After the work is completed, it is necessary to clean the used vessel, organize, trial tools and equipment, in order not to affect the secondary use, the container cover of three anti-paint will be strict.

4, the workplace should be cleaned, no dust is flying, and no relevant personnel will enter.

5, tools and equipment should be grounded, and do static protection measures, three anti-paints are flammable, eliminate safety hazards.

6, each batch is used before use, you should do a small-siguring test (3-5 pcs), and then put into production.

7. Do not stack the painted product when operating; the PCB board is placed horizontally to prevent mutual sticking.

In summ, the three anti-paint is flammable items, and other notes have not been careful, careful to drive thousands of ships.

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