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What is the most suitable thermal gasket

FAQ| 2022-04-10| Deemno|

First, the first point in which the thermal gasket first considers is the thermal conductivity. Under the same conditions, the higher the thermal conductivity, the lower the thermal resistance of the interface material, the more the best heat dissipation effect; second, it takes good Interface wetness, ensuring that the interface material can be fully contacted, the air between the extrusion interface, the better the interface, the lower the contact thermal resistance between the interfaces, the better the heat dissipation; Finally, in the case of conditions permit, choose the thinner The thickness of the interface, the thicker thickness, the larger the thermal resistance between the interfaces, the worse the heat dissipation effect, and the better.

Can a thermally conductive gasket lock the screw directly?

This problem is in order to quickly work, often encountered in use, the answer is negative, I am sorry! Although the source of the thermally conductive gasket is silicone rubber, but is not engineering plastic, the mechanical strength is very poor, because the thermal gasket is soft, can not directly open the hole lock screw fixed, so that the thermal gasket cracks off, so do not speculate, However, you can use two-headed screws to press the gasket.

The self-adhesiveness of the thermally conductive gasket is to pick the rubber, how long does it take?

The heat-conductive gasket comes with viscosity is the material itself, and the original design has this characteristic, not by applying glue, does not affect the thermal conductivity of the material. Self-viscosity does not disappear during storage, but will disappear with product aging. The benefits of self-adhesive type are for convenience of operation, compared to the thermal insulating sheet series, the surface brought, it is not easy to fall off, which brings great convenience in the installation process, making the operation more convenient. Of course, if the customer does not need to stick, we can handle the material, so that the material is not viscous, and our company offers a household service to meet the needs of our customers.

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