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Why did you just start with AB fast drying?

FAQ| 2022-04-10| Deemno|

Many people have just started using this problem, so I suggest that the initial mixed glue is not used, this is a tip, it is a mixture of unevenly, this is because the first gelatin passes through the static mix tube, Due to the fact that the initial instantaneous strength is different, the elastic component of the two components is not necessarily consistent, and the mixing ratio is not correct, and thus the curing is not complete, and the natural viscosity is not enough, there will be sticky situations. So this is a normal phenomenon, not the glue itself has quality problems, no need to worry.

Which is a bit hot when the AB tube starts cure after cure

The quick-drying glue you use should be an epoxy resin system AB fast-drying glue. When the epoxy resin is solidified, there will be a lot of heat, so it is the feeling of hot hands. The quick-solid curing speed is very fast, which means that the heat will be quickly burst, and it will be more hot than the slow-cured epoxy adhesive. Also, the released heat is also related to the mixed glue, the more the gum, the more calories, so it needs to be controlled, especially the potting, and do not call more than one.

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