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What is going on with the thermal potting glue?

FAQ| 2022-03-31| Deemno|

There are mainly three reasons, first verify that the quality of the product has a problem. Whether it passes the guarantee period, after the problem is excluded, check the matching comparison, there is no matching of the formula design. In the production operation process, many employees were lazy, not weighed, but they would be prone to problems. If the ratio is no problem, it will see if the stirring is uniform, and the stirring unevenly occurs, local curing is easy, which is easy to curing, which is easy to appear in new employees with no experience. If it is a potting gel of the silicone system, it is also necessary to exclude whether catalyst poisoning in colloids, and the catalyst is poisoned. This poison is not toxic to the human body, but the adhesive itself.
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