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What should I do if I have air bubbles after potting the glue?

FAQ| 2022-03-31| Deemno|

First, you can figure out the bubble source to the subjective medicine: First, the gas brought in when mixing is mixed, and the second is the gas that is not discharged from the product. If it is still in the pre-selection phase, it is recommended to use low viscosity of glue, and the viscosity is naturally fast. If you have already passed the selection phase, then from three aspects, one is to extend the curing time of the potting gum, leave more time to rush; second, there are two steps, the first potting glue After the proportion is mixed, first picked up a re-irrigation product, which is the gas brought into on, the second process is the product that is filled, which is the gas that is not as expected to be excited. The third is that the batch potting, the time spacing of batch pottings need to be grasped, and the first batch of potting glue can then be filled.
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