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Di Mun Long is a recommended type for drone accessories

Industry News| 2022-04-02| Deemno|

Unmanned aircraft referred to as "drone" ("UAV"), is a non-supported aircraft that uses radio remote control equipment and the self-propelled program control unit. Compared with the manned aircraft, it has the advantages of small size, low cost, convenient use, so drone is often more suitable for those tasks "dull, dirty or danger". The drone can be divided into military and civilian use in the application area. In terms of military, drones are divided into reconnaissance machines and targets. Because unmanned aircraft has important significance to future airfare, all major military countries in the world are stepping up the development of drivatic aircraft. In civilians, drone industry applications are the real needs of drones; in the aerial photography, agriculture, express transportation, disaster rescue, news reports, power inspection, film and television shooting, etc., greatly expanded the drone Its use.


Today, developed countries are actively expanding the application and development technology of drone industry. It is estimated that by 2030, the US-UAV market will usher in an outbreak, and the global drone market will reach 150 billion US dollars. The technology will also develop longitude, miniaturization, "plus" long-term, network clustering direction. Then, this also means that in the selection of drone components and various accessories, there are also growing requirements and standards. ExpertiseAdhesive manufacturerIn order to help the development of domestic drones to high-end, the research and development of excipient adhesives in the unmanned machine, Di Mun Long has conducted a lot of investment, and the results are also obvious. In this paper, Di Mun Long briefly introduces the adhesive selection scheme for several drone accessories.


1, drone electrical adjustment

Points: Electric tune internal motherboard potting

Use glue demand: and housing (metal) adhesion, environmentally friendly, heat transfer, need outdoor waterproof, rework, etc.

Recommended Di MeilongPolyurethane Impulse glueCC4022, low viscosity, easy operation, excellent waterproof, anti-bacteria, shock resistance, bend resistant, resistance, etc., good adhesion, good adhesiveness of metal, rubber, plastic, and wood.


2, drone battery

Using adhesive points: lithium battery internal potting

Use glue demand: thermal, flame retardant, high and low temperature, easy to repair, environmental protection, etc.

Recommended Di MeilongSilicone potting glueCA2001, product via UL, RoHS, REACH and other certification; low viscosity, good liquidity, easy return operation, good self-discharge, temperature resistant range to -50 ~ 200 ° C.


3, drone motor control panel

Point: PCB board protection

Using glue demand: need to protect motor control panels, reaching moisture-proof dust-proof and anti-fouling, etc.

It is recommended to use a silicone three anti-paint CA1001. It is a special formulation of Di Monlong to produce moisture-proof, anti-mildew, acid and alkali resistant, salt-resistant, anti-corrosion, its excellent temperature range reached - 60 ~ At 280 ° C, the product has passed high frequency signal, GJB150-2009, UL and other certifications, complies with VOCS national standard emission standards, and can be assured.


4, drone skeleton bonding fixation

Adhesive point: bonding of carbon fiber bracket

Use glue demand: high bond strength, no crack, no collapse, faster cure, outdoor waterproof, environmentally friendly, no corrosive, etc.

It is recommended to use Dimonon epoxy structural adhesive CX2001, fast temperature, and can withstand the impact and vibration of the strong temperature after curing; no smoke resistance, no drooping, gel; low shrinkage, no corrosive, low Excellent performance characteristics such as odor, solvent or the like.


The above is Di Mun Long XiaobianUAV accessory gel selectionSeveral programs, of course, the rubbing points of drone accessories are more than these, as well as motor coils, housing bonding, etc., want to understand more related adhesives, welcome website messages or inquire Our company can provide free rubber programs according to different rubber points and performance requirements.

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