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What factors affect the heat dissipation effect of the thermal irrigation gum

Cooling| 2022-03-31| Deemno|

The thermally conductive potting rubber is to quickly transfer the heat generated by the power device by potting filling, and can not form heat accumulation to extend the service life of the electronic product by temperature rise test. When using this glue, in addition to the product itself, we must understand those external factors affect the heat dissipation effect of the thermal irrigation gum, to avoid these problems.

1. The product itself, the most direct way to determine the thermal conductivity is to see the heat conductance coefficient, the higher the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal performance, and it is poor, so in the pre-selection stage, it must be considered this problem, neither quality, and Can't reach heat dissipation requirements.

2. The thermal resistance of thermal implantation is inversely proportional to the thermal resistance and area of the thermal impermation, which is proportional to the thickness of the material. That is, the higher the thermal conductivity, the larger the thermal area, the smaller thermal resistance; the larger the thickness, the more thermal resistance. Many customers choose high thermal conductivity, mainly because in the parameters affecting the thermal resistance, only the thermal coefficient is the most controllable factory parameters, and the thickness and area must be determined in advance according to the comprehensive effect of the product. In addition, it also depends on process operation and structural design. At the same time, in the case of thickness, the area is somewhat, the higher the thermal conductivity, the heat resistance is smaller.

3. Bubble, thermally conductive potting gum is a potting filler material that is meant to be brought into the gas or the air in the air or the air in the colloid when it is in the pot. The thermal conductivity of the air is 0 or less. Once the gas in the colloid is too much, it will affect the overall heat dissipation of the thermally conductive irrigation.

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