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Relationship between thermal conductivity and viscosity of high heat transfer

Cooling| 2022-03-31| Deemno|

Pub-sealing glue is mainly divided into silicone potty gum, epoxy resin potting gelatin and polyurethane potting, today's high-conducting gas irrigation gum is potting the organic silicone material, due to the other two major potting rubber self-material The problem, the thermal conductivity will not do too high.

The production of high-conducting gas potting rubber is the formulation design, and the appropriate amount of thermal powder is added to the normal potty glue to improve the thermal conductivity to meet the heat dissipation requirements of the irrigation products. The more heat-conducting powder is added, the higher the thermal conductivity, the more viscous, the viscosity is increased, and the water is added to the water in the like, the more it is, so it is well understood, so the thermal conductivity and viscosity are A positive relationship. Is that the more of the heat transfer powder, the higher the thermal conductivity, theoretically, the actual is negative. There is a limit value, there will be limit values, add more, increased, general to about 1W, if the formulation is not optimized, it will become very viscous, the fluidity is very poor, it is difficult to play The effect of potting filling, so it is necessary to improve the thermal conductivity, but also to ensure low viscosity, good fluidity, this is very testing the level of R \\u0026 D staff. Our DML2228 is a low viscosity, high thermal conductivity and 1.5 w / m · k, mixed viscosity as low as 4600 mpa · s, very good fluidity, many company viscosity is 10,000 mpa · s or more, it is irrigation A product excellent product in the sealant market.


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