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  • UV three anti-paint
  • UV three anti-paint
UV three anti-paint
Name:UV three anti-paint

This product is a medium and low viscosity, single component, ultraviolet-moisture paint designed for protection board design. The product has a moderate viscosity, no solvent, low odor, easy to rush, low curing energy, fast curing speed, suitable for various UV lamps, good process, good compatibility with multiple flux;

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(1) Product overview

This product is a medium-low viscosity, one-component, UV-moisture dual-curing UV conformal coating specially designed for the protection of circuit boards. The product has moderate viscosity, no solvent, low odor, easy foaming, low curing energy, fast curing speed, suitable for curing various UV lamps, good processability, good compatibility with various fluxes; economical and environmentally friendly, suitable for Various spraying processes. This product has excellent moisture resistance, yellowing resistance and chemical resistance, etc., and has an excellent protective effect on electronic circuit boards. 

(2) Product Features 

l Low viscosity, fast curing speed, low curing energy, suitable for curing various UV lamps 

l Good manufacturability, good compatibility with various fluxes, suitable for various spraying processes

l No solvent, economical and environmentally friendly

l Excellent resistance to salt spray and good adhesion to various substrates

l Fluorescence under UV light, easy to check

l Wide operating temperature range

l Excellent insulation 

(3) Product Features 

Liquid properties


light yellow liquid

Specific Gravity (Density):

1.05 ± 0.05g/ml


100 ± 50 cps



dry film properties 

Operating temperature:

-65 ~ 135℃

Hardness (Pencil Hardness):


Surface resistance:

1.0 × 1014 Ohms

Flammability rating:

UL94 V-0

Thermal shock IPC-CC-830(-65℃ to 125℃):

Pass (100 cycles)

 (4) Method of use DML3113 is suitable for conventional spraying, brushing and other processes. In order to get a better paint film, after spraying and brushing, it should be placed in the air for 5 minutes. Use 365nm UV light to ensure that the UV light can fully irradiate the surface of the paint film. Cure rate depends on UV intensity, distance from light source to film, depth of cure, film clarity, and substrate clarity. After use, the remaining materials should be covered immediately and filled with dry air or nitrogen protection, and ensure that the materials are kept away from ultraviolet rays and sunlight. The substrate should be thoroughly cleaned before coating, this is to ensure good adhesion of the conformal paint on the substrate. In addition, all flux residues must be removed to avoid corrosion on the PCB board. 

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