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Building a dream ice and snow, together to the future | Beijing Winter Olympics perfect closed

Industry News| 2022-02-24| Deemno|

With the Finnish team 2: 1 defend the defending champion Russian Olympic Committee, win the men's ice hockey champion, and the Beijing Winter Olympics is over. This year's Winter Olympics has set up 7 big items, 109 small items, China Sports delegation completes all 7 big items, 15 sub-item "full project entries" tasks, and achieve participation in 35 small items "Zero breakthrough". This Winter Olympics, China Sports delegation received 9 gold 4 silver 2 copper total 15 medals, the number of gold and medals creating new high. Beijing is also the first city of the Olympics to host the Summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games, which is the only "Shuangbo City" in the world.


Sports are more than expected, hard work, and all kinds of wonderful moments ignite this winter. The opening ceremony is stunning and shocking, the romantic and warmth of the closing ceremony, demonstrates the bodies of the big country, bringing us to directly hit the soul. Beijing Winter Olympics, let us see what is called love, what is confident. Winning the championship, the relay is instantaneous, in an instant, flip instant, beyond the moment ... These unforgettable moments, let the world audience be called them, pay tribute to them; after the game, comfort the wrong opponent, the relay fell Counter attack, the crown is hugged by the opponent high! ... both pursue the limit and shine people! This is the Olympic spirit!



It is worth mentioning that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the previous Olympic Games are different from those such as liquefied natural gas or propane as the torch fuel. The first winter Olympics uses hydrogen energy as a torch fuel, achieving the Olympic spirit and "green" Further combination of "environmental protection". Zhang Yimou, the opening and closing ceremony, said that the fire of the Olympics of the bears, illusion into snow-like holy, smart small flames, this idea comes from a low-carbon environmental protection concept, which will become a classic moment in the history of the Olympic Games. As the host owner of this winter, it is both a honor and a responsibility. Everyone has an obligation, and the responsibility is responsible for supporting the Winter Olympics with practical action, supporting our countries. andDimononAs an ethnic self-owned enterprise, it will always adhere to environmental products to respond to national low-carbon environmental protection.


Bathing in the glory of Winter Olympics, greet flourishing spring, from the cold plum, the snow blossoms. Every competition is a display of physical education; each athlete is the Messenger of the Olympic culture. And what we can do is to learn the spirit of the ice and snow and health, promote the faster, higher, stronger, more united in the Olympics, practice it into the drama of the Year of the Tiger, plunging, riding wind and waves, letting Winter Olympics Release pound energy in your job, create a new glory of Tiger and Tigers.

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