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"Chinese style" at the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Industry News| 2022-02-18| Deemno|

The 24th Winter Olympic Games, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, is an international Olympic event organized by China, opening on February 4, 2022, closed on February 20. 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is received by the world, and our China, also took out the international friends of the big country to receive a far away, from the opening ceremony to use accommodation conditions, it is bright, subject to Many athletes are admired and the attention of social media. The event is about to enter an end, but the "Chinese style" element of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the hot topic has been constantly, the emblem, torch, medals, uniforms, bouquets, mascots to the game venues, are integrated into many Chinese traditional cultural elements, both There is a unique aesthetic, it is very meaningful. Below, Di Meilong took everyone to experience the seven traditional cultural elements of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Calligraphy and engraving in the logo

Beijing Winter Olympics is inspired by Chinese characters "Winter\\ The 30 sports icons of Beijing Winter Olympics, with Chinese character structure as inspiration sources, combining China's engraving art inheriting the millennium, and special seals for 30 Winter Olympics competition projects, and with Beijing 2008 Olympic emblem "China" Tendency.

Mascot panda and lanterns

The mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabate Olympic Committee, the ice pier, snow, and the Chinese national treasure giant panda and Chinese lanterns are prototype. "Ice Pier" symbolizes health, tough and inspirational Olympic spirit; "Snow Bell" with the most representative Chinese red as the main tone, meaning lighting, warm the world. Since the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, this is a prime mascot, and there is countless inside and outside the field. Weibo topic # 冰墩墩 # The number of more than 4.8 billion, franchise store, online shopping platform is "unsuccessful\\

Medals and concentricity

The medal design of the Beijing Winter Olympics originated from the Chinese ancient concentricity. The front 5 circle is both the Olympic five ring, and the traditional Chinese "five strings\\ Ancient astronomical map "Seven Hearts].

Awards bouquet and Shanghai non-legacy

In order to practice frugal, sustainable office Olympics, this Beijing Winter Olympics did not use flowers, but with non-pointed lines to woven flowers as a award bouquet. The cashmeral bouquets include roses, roses, lilies, hydrangea, laurel and olives, 6 kinds of laid, respectively, respectively, tough, happiness, unity, victory and peace. These cufflets, from the Shanghai Non-legacy Project "Haipan Falling Thread Skills\\

Torch and China's first light

Inheritance of fire is a big point of view of Beijing Winter Olympics. The fire lamp used by the torch relay is from the "China First Light". It is more than 2,000 years ago. The curve model of the fire station originated from the Chinese traditional bronze gift "respect\\ The design of the fire lamp is inspired by the Changxin Palace Lamp (right), and the top design seems to be flying red ribbon, with the torch molding.

Ruyi and flying days in the venue

The country, the country where the country is located in Zhangjiakou Fair, which has adopted Chinese traditional "wishful" shape, so known as "snow". The first steel skiing platform of freestyle and single-board skiing platform will be held, and the design is inspired by "Flying" streamers in Dunhuang Mural, so it is also known as "Snow Flying".

Water painting on uniform

The main pattern of Beijing Winter Olympics, from China Shanshui, combines the form of mountains, Great Wall, the form of the Great Wall, and combines traditional aesthetics with modern ice and snow, and the red black color is also the traditional color of China. In addition to the uniforms, there are three series of gifts, and the etiquette services are "Ruixue Xiang Yun" - Chinese traditional auspicious symbol, "Hongyun Mountain Water" - Chinese famous painting "Milky River Mountain\\ Chinese traditional Tang Dynasty fabric. Full Chinese elements, there is an award ceremony in the award square.


In addition to this seven traditional cultural elements, our contestants' clothes and helmets have Chinese wind elements. Gu Yiling's "Dragon Rise"; Wu Dawei's "Huaxia War Sun Grand Helmet"; the women's ice hockey door will have a double-dragon guard; even the Chinese style elements will be in the helmet of foreign players. Chinese culture is profound, just like this opportunity to show our Chinese elements, so that more foreign friends understand Chinese culture and feel the power of Chinese culture!

"Winter Olympics" has become a report title of many foreign media. "Sports are unordoated, human heart\\ Confidence and strength.

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