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These five types of people on the workplace must be away!

Industry News| 2022-01-31| Deemno|

Workplace is like a battlefield, is a complicated place, is a battlefield without smoke. We are in a workplace, both do things, and do a good job, and a deep understanding of people is a deep understanding. In the workplace, there are five types of people, and I have to stay away.

First category: betrayal company, seeking private interest

This is a principle, many companies, especially some technical patent enterprises, will sign a confidential agreement with employees, strictly forbidden to leak any information from any information to third parties, especially competitors. If a person will betray the company for the benefit, this kind of person is estimated to do it, and people who deal with him will be sold. There are also people to work in the company, holding the company's salary, but transfer the company's business to other companies or individuals, which are unable to tolerate, but also violate the law.


Second category: full belly, negative energy burst

In the workplace, this kind of person is not a little, and the work in your own is not good. I will not feel that I have a problem. I can't complain about the company all day. I complained that the leadership, the customer can't complain about this complaint, never consider what you have The problem needs to be improved and upgraded. I don't study, I don't participate, three don't want to move, I can only take a bowl everywhere. I have encountered a such person, I don't actively, I have been using less resources throughout the day, I will find various reasons, saying that the company's decision is not good, leaders have no ability to wait. After retalian, I went to another company and made the same problem, and I was arrested by the leader. A person who always releases negative energy will not only affect its own behavior, but also transmit negative energy to people around them. As the saying goes: near Zhu is red, near ink, this kind of person is far away from it.


Third category: lie, full mouth

This person belongs to personal qualities, on the surface, likes to communicate with colleagues, but always likes to say some cavity of tramplex, add oil to vinegar. What's more, I will also spread the rumors privately, saying that this colleague is not good, the boss is not good, and all the day will dig the privacy of others all day, and a mouth can reverse black and white. People who like to lie, for him, must have distinguished ability, can't really listen to true letters, otherwise, frustrating is yourself. Don't deal with this person, otherwise, you will also become the speech in his mouth. Everyone is talking about three points, it is not full of heart, which is a Code of survival in the workplace.


Fourth Category: Challenge Company Rules and Regulations

Every company has their rules and regulations, but there are always people like to challenge authority. The mission of the leadership, I promised on my mouth, in fact, there is no action, and finally did not have completed, but the company's various institutional cards were too strict, restricted their play. Such a person and the people who betray the company, the challenge of the company's bottom line, the company and the leader will definitely not tolerate, but only one thing in the end, no company is willing to hire. Not low-key, just waiting to pack away.


Class fifth: inexpensive

No workplace is perfect, and the company will of course understand this truth, so in the employment, it is comprehensive consideration. But there is always a kind of person, not only the ability is limited, the qualifications are flat, and what else is not worried. If you encounter problems, you don't look for a method. If you don't have any acts, you can't get any forward role. Work is just to mix a basic salary, a mixed day, regardless of the guidance of leaders, still in my life. Perhaps he thinks, you will go to the other company, but I don't know, this kind of person will not last long. This kind of indisputable, innumerable person will eventually become inevitable.


These five types of people in this article, no matter which company is not popular, it will not last long.DimononXiaobian reminds everyone, the embankment of a thousand miles, collapsed in the ant 泬, any business development is inseparable from people, especially in selecting people, educating people, employing people, and staying must adopt these five dimensions to comprehensive assessment. Don't have intersections with them, don't let this negative energy affect your judgment and direction. In the workplace, we must not only work hard, but also to treat people sincerely, optimistic, respect equal. Do these, the workplace is not you!

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