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How to do effectively waterproof protection

Industry News| 2022-01-27| Deemno|

In daily life, people sometimes encounter the headphones and cannot be used by the rain, and the computer is splashing and the keyboard is out of the keyboard, and even the mobile phone fell to the pool. For example, now running people, sports headphones become jogging partners, but sweat or rain will often invade headphones, and long time, the headphones PCBA will be corroded, and the problem is also present in other electronic products, because water is electronics The natural enemies of the product, most electronic products have been in the water, and the performance is seriously reduced, and even short-circuit failures cannot be used. Therefore, waterproof becomes one of the indispensable performance requirements of consumer electronics, and is one of the difficulties of electronic products.


General electronics use three ways of waterproof protection:

1. The shell protection is to seal on the shell structure, and the water or water vapor will enter the product interior. For example, a fully enclosed housing, surface tension waterproof, uses sealed adhesive and fill the gap between the boundary or the like.

2, the circuit potting is separated, that is, use a dedicated insulating potting glue, the circuit is used, and after the colloation is cured, the shell is in water, and the water can only stay in the sealing surface, which will not affect the circuit inside, this way is mostly used Industrial equipment protection.

3. Circuit paint film protection, this is also the focus of this article, that is,Three anti-glueApplying, mostly used in PCBA plates, is applied to a special waterproof material three anti-paint, principles and pottings, but the paint film is relatively thick.


In fact, waterproof products have long been, such as waterproof watches. Waterproof watches can not only water-repellent splash, even at 50 meters, 100 meters in water pressure, so that the dial does not enter the water. Then why do we also say that waterproof is difficult to electronics? That is because the watch can achieve waterproof because the part is relatively small due to the part of the interior parts of the dial and the outside contact. The consumer electronics such as mobile phones is different. On the one hand, there are many electronic devices inside. On the other hand, it also has signal communication, sound transmission, photosensitive imaging and other functions. These functions cause consumer electronics need to be open to the outside world. . These open parts make electronic products are very difficult, costly.


In addition, consumer electronics are easily broken during use, and the seal is easy to produce gaps after the fall, resulting in water to easily enter the electronic product, resulting in failure or cannot be used. If we apply a layer of three-proof glue on the PCBA of the product, then thoroughly maintain the electronic components.Circuit board three anti-glueIt is a transparent, in line with the EU standard, high safety coefficient, and the three-proof glue is not easy to endanger the exhaust of the RF connector and all normal conductivity. It is a layer of protective cover that can be seen in the naked eye, and the surface has the surface Strong hydrophobicity, reasonably and effectively avoiding the electronic devices on the electronic product PCB to be moist from water.


Today, the three-way plastic products on the market are mixed. We best inspected when choosing three anti-plastic manufacturers, choose environmentally friendly and quality to meet international standards, so you can rest assured that a large number of purchases invest production. For example, Dyonlon, focus on electronic adhesive development and production, Di Mun Long's independent research and developmentEnvironmentally friendly three anti-glueIt is not only unlimited to moisture resistance, dustproof, waterproof and other protective effects, but also has excellent anti-vulcanization, anti-salt mist, acid and alkali, anti-corrosion and good high low temperature characteristics. Widely used in household appliances, lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, communication equipment, instrumentation, automotive electronics, medical, aviation, and ships. More technical issues in electronic products waterproof protection, welcome to inquire, Di Mun Long provides an integrated adhesive application solution for the majority of users. \\u003c/ p

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