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How to determine the true and false of electronic silicon gel

Potty| 2022-03-31| Deemno|

 Silicone gel is a very widely used material. It can be seen in life. There is a baby in the family to have a back-off sticker, the main ingredient is a silicone gel. Helps the shaped silica gel of women's beauty, and the human silicone gel. Today, the industrial electronic silicon gel is commonly known as jelly gum, which is more appropriate.

First of all, it is said that it is called a silicone gel. It is certain that there is a silicon material inside, and if other materials are formed in a similar silicone gel, such as the silicone gel of the polyurethane system, that is not a real silicone gel, can only It is high imitation, and there is no quality. Other materials do not meet the overall performance of silicon materials.

Silicone gel is a fed-forming silicone potting glue, composed of a liquid and B liquid, mixed in weight ratio 1: 1, and chemically reacts into an elastic silicon material under the action of a platinum catalyst. Judging from the outside has the following aspects:

1. The appearance is high and transparent, very soft, is a substance like a liquid, like a solid, such as tofu, jelly.


2. The surface has a slight viscosity.


3. It is very good to eliminate

4. Self-repair, you can get itself after the colloid is crackled.

Figure 3 and Figure 6 silicon gel composition

5. Environmentally friendly green non-toxic, with nose close to the A liquid and B almost no smell, and the irritating odor is not released when cured.

The above five aspects is to judge the true and false of the electron silicon gel from the perspective. All the way will have a basic understanding of the silicone gel, which can have a basic judgment. To ensure that there is no loss, you need to use the instrument or professionals to judge.

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