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Difference time and operation time of organic silicone irrigation gum

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In the field of potting rubber, especially the organic silicon-material potty gum, often encounters the dry time and operation time, sounds close, so it is easy to let the stage, it will mistake the operation time \\u003d Time, in fact otherwise. Today, the Technical personnel tell you how to distinguish between demonstration time and operation time.

First definition

The dry time is the glue from the container, exposed to the air until the surface of the glue surface, the finger touch does not appear this time.

Dry time chart

The operation time means this period of time when the viscosity of different components reaches 2 times when the viscosity reaches the blend of just mixed. Example: The initial viscosity at the time of mixing is 3000 mPa.s, 60 minutes after 6000 mPa.s, then 60 minutes is the operation time.

Title thermal potting glue 2

Secondly, the application field is different.

The dry time is used in the field of condensation type silica gel, which is subdivided into a single component of hydraulic silicone rubber and two-component condensation type potting glue. Single-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is mostly used for the adhesion of electronic devices, also known as components fixed glue, and the surface time is generally 5 to 10 minutes. Compared to potting adhesive, single-component silica gel applications are increasingly broader, so the glue engineers have first contact the knowledge of the demonstration, so the first, the operation time of the irrigation gum is easy to say as a demonstration time, professionals Know that it is the same meaning, different expressions. If the addition type potty is taken by the dry time, it has been basically cured when the dual done time is.

The operation time is used in the field of two-component addition potting, it is important to note that if the initial viscosity is low, the viscosity can be directly flowed, and the operation time is over, it can continue to potting. Under normal circumstances, after the operation time, the viscosity will rise particularly fast, pay attention to the liquidity situation, it is recommended that the rubber is appropriate, can't cause waste due to flow. So I suggested that the first use of addition potting pots will lack of experience, understand these problems are not thorough, and improve the tubular frequency, so as not to cause waste.

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