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Excellent and shortcomings of three major irrigation gums

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Three major pottings refer to silicone potting rubber, epoxy potting rubber, polyurethane, use in the electronic industry, as well as electron potting glue. Experience the definition of each definition before making excellent disadvantages to understand more and more. Next, the performance of Di Monlong's technicians.

Epoxy resin is a polymer polymer, a molecular formula (C11H12O3) N, which is a class of polymers containing two or more epoxy groups in molecules. It is a polycondensation product of epoxy chloropropane to bisphenol A or polyol.

Figure display screen

Silicone, ie silicon compound refers to a compound containing Si-C bonds, and at least one organic group is directly connected to silicon atoms. It is often used to use oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen or the like to make organic groups and silicon atoms. The connected compound is also treated as an organosilicon compound.

Figure silicone potting glue

Polyurethane (PU) is a generally known as polyurethane, which is a polymer compound containing a repeating carbamate group. Polyurethane is reacted by a hydroxyl group of isocyanate groups and polyols, forming a polyurethane group, and a polyurethane group links a small molecule organic substance into a high molecular material of a macromolecular linear or crosslinked structure.


Contrast Epoxy resin Silicone Polyurethane
odor Big large Small small Small small
Viscosity Higher, wear pump Low low beneath hang down Low low beneath hang down
settlement Easy, cake Not easy to settle Well-dispersed
Well-dispersed More serious wear on machinery Suitable for mechanical operation Suitable for mechanical operation
Curing temperature Room temperature, medium temperature, high temperature Usually room temperature Room temperature
hardness high height your Low low beneath hang down wide range
Adhesive powerful strength Low low beneath hang down medium
proper temperature -20 ~ 100 ° C -60 ~ 200 ° C -60 ~ 120 ° C
Power Big large Small small middle in medium hit the mark
Mechanical performance it is good good well love generally general just like Ok, slightly lower than epoxy
toughness Poor, no shock Good, impact resistance General, impact resistance
General, impact resistance generally general just like excellent generally general just like
Waterproof it is good good well love generally general just like Good, lower than epoxy

Through this form, it is not more intuitive to see the advantages and disadvantages between the three, and what you don't understand can contact us, you will know anything, you will provide you with a home-type intimate service.

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